My name's Alice. I'm 25 and live in Athens, Greece.
I'm mostly a fan of NCIS and Castle at the moment, so you can expect to see stuff from these two shows.
If you follow me, it doesn't mean I'll follow you back, just like I don't expect to be followed by someone I follow (confused yet?)
I also watch Criminal Minds, Bones, NCIS:LA, Hawaii 5-0, The Mentalist and a bunch of other shows. Sometimes I make videos and graphics.



Sasha Alexander’s Ice bucket challenge. ♥_♥




Ice Bucket Challenge Fail Compilation

I feel like this trend is overdue

A cooler, though. A cooler.

I went to read a spoilers for NCIS: LA and belatedly realized I shouldn’t have, because I’m still 4 episodes behind and I didn’t understand anything.


remember when the ncis fandom had hope and dreams and believed in love

and now everyone is just angry and paranoid and hurt

Not everyone. Speaking for myself of course, but I’m simply indifferent at this point.


Castle: See? Everyone thinks about it.

Montgomery: Everybody thinks about what?

Castle: What they would do if they won the lottery.

Montgomery: A big-ass boat, 60-footer. Monster spinnaker hanging off the bow, two deep-sea rods hanging off the stern.

Castle: Sweet.

3x14 “Lucky Stiff”