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Another thing that annoys me is that there’s no faith in the writers. I was never one of the people who said “In Marlowe we trust” and I’m not saying that I fully enjoyed last season’s finale either, but that doesn’t predetermine the quality of every episode after that. Plus, as bad as that episode might have been to some (I wouldn’t categorize it as bad by the way), Castle’s current predicament has the potential to create a great episode (and an arc from what I’m hearing). And because I’m a numbers person, statistically speaking, Castle’s season premieres don’t disappoint.

One last thing: Shouldn’t we give David Amann a chance to show us what he can do at the helm of the show, before passing judgment? I think that after all those great episodes he’s written, he deserves at least that.

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oh gosh... some people... I'm like you I guess.. but thank you anyway :)

Glad I could help :)

don’t you love fandoms…
Yeah, they’re not exactly restoring my faith in humanity right now. Or anytime during the last year, as you’ve also witnessed.
Ha! Don’t you know it’s best to jump to conclusions about an episode before it airs? You should also have ridiculous expectations about it so that you’ll always be disappointed too. Ugh. We know so little right now. Can’t the freakouts wait?
My thoughts exactly. On the other hand, I see there are also people who are willing to wait and see. Thank God for that.
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I didn't get the news.. what are the spoilers and why are pepole already crying bout it?

Well, some people are freaking out over this (x) and others over these set photos

I don’t see anything which would be cause for outrage or a freak-out. Also, there’s the whole we-haven’t-even-watched-the-promo-yet factor. Personally, I’m the watch first, freak out later type.

The spoilers have barely started coming out and some people are already bitching about how bad the season premiere is going to be.