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Tony & Ziva AU ⇉ Tony gets amnesia after the car crash and doesn’t remember anything.

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Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs:
Ass kicker extraordinaire!


The Gibbs-Slap:
It is an equal opportunity kind of thing…
he even does it to himself occasionally!image




I think it’s so sad that people think the writers of NCIS: LA suck, they don’t! They just created this whole scheme not to get Kensi and Deeks together yet and that was a very good idea, if they got together now their relationship would get boring. I hate it…

Np. It’s kind of why I’m not a big fan of Castle. It was always a pretty fluffy show. Yeah, people may like seeing Caskett together now and they’re getting “everything” they ever wanted. But, Idk….I really like to see my OTPs go through their struggles before having a “happy ending.” And, even once they have their “happy ending,” I’d still like to see them struggle every once in a while to work out their relationship.
It’s very realistic that way. Love is always going to be messy. If two people are meant to be together, they always find some way to work it out and still stay together.
I don’t mind Densi taking a step back (seems to adhere with the theme the writers are going with some of their epic quotes this season). Good things come to those who wait. I’d rather have them work shit out and be very sure instead of getting into a relationship too quickly.

But what do I know, dontworryfern?

You’re talking to someone who ships Jibbs and has waited for LoVe to be together for 7 years (they broke up at the end of S3 of Veronica Mars, and only gotten back together when the film funded by us, fans, actually happened 7 years later). But, it was EPIC sex against the wall when they did come together as a couple.

I don’t think Caskett getting together was wrong, especially since it also took them 4 seasons, it didn’t happen early and when it happened it felt natural and not forced. Also, if you talk to some fans, there always will be more things they want (intimate scenes, kids, whatever). The show hasn’t gotten boring and their relationship is not without its challenges.

But I do understand that what I like is different from what someone else likes. So, maybe other people want to wait more, although in Caskett’s instance, I don’t really remember anyone complaining when they got together. I wasn’t one of the people who said “finally”, but it was my first year of watching, and after waiting for Tiva, well, I felt like I had infinite patience with other ships.

I don’t have a problem with couples facing struggles, but I want them to face them together. For example, in NCIS: LA, Densi could be in a relationship and face all the danger and the problems that come with a relationship together, not apart. And if the writers know how to do their job, they can make it interesting for the viewers. Besides, in NCIS: LA it’s not like the Densi relationship is the whole show. The show is not gonna tank if the writers take the risk and get them together, which is exactly what I have been saying for Tiva and NCIS.

In my opinion, the writers are scared to do that, now maybe more than thery were last year, considering what happened on NCIS, but that’s not a reason to not try and do stuff because of what might happen. I really hope Shane Brennan has plans to get Kensi and Deeks together at least next year. There is a thing as waiting too long to get two characters together.


When construction workers uncover the body of an infamous New York mobster from the 70s, Castle and Beckett must dig into the past to solve his murder! #Castle

"Oh, and 11:30. Station 790. Pete Rose’s late-night sports talk radio show."
"Wouldn’t miss it for the world."

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